With its 7,100 km coastline of astonishing diversity, spectacular off shore Islands, divergent estuaries, aquamarine lagoons, and manifold inland waterways, flecked with weirs, waterfalls, and gushing rapids, Ireland is a veritable treasure trove of thrills for the Kayaker.

Take to the salt tang of foamy spume flecked waves on the Irish sea , explore the mosaicked coastline, with its imposing sandstone and granite cliffs, rugged mountains , stretches of pristine sandy beaches ringed with windswept dunes, mysterious untouched watery caverns, and glittering rare shingle beaches.

Paddle out to dramatic headlands, or coast along peninsulas to whale watch. Take to task the rapids and white water weirs of the challenging inland waterway system, or choose the more peaceful rivers, canals and tributaries for a leisurely wander through pastoral scenes, quaint sleepy towns, wild backcountry, and a personal introduction to the many species of indigenous water loving flora and fauna.

Nothing will bring you closer to the natural world, and will inspire you more than a Kayaking holiday in Ireland, where a hundred thousand welcomes awaits you.